This unique synthesis is inspired by the King and the Queen as they stand next to each other on the chess board. The two towers embrace each other with two large spiraling interconnections that provide unique functionality and aesthetics. Their architectural-structural form, in conjunction with the choice and formation of the materials, transmits its own immediate Voice of Art.

The object of these mixed use edifices is to provide their tenants high quality in the standards of living, recreation, working conditions and safety, while trying to attain the best running and maintenance organization. In order to meet this goal the latest technology in design/construction methods, fittings and materials is been recruited.

  • The towers are a mixed use building of 100 storeys.
  • The height to the top of the antenna is 448 meters.
  • The total surface of all 2 Towers is 330.000 m2 above ground.
  • Below ground are 60.000 m2.

A unique functional and aesthetic member of the towers is the sphere that crowns the Queen. The diameter of 52 meters creates 6 zones of about 2000 M2 usable space each.

The bottom zone, due to its convex shape, can be used as an amphitheatrically arranged exclusive restaurant, cafeteria, music hall, or auditorium. Bellow it all the service areas are located. The top zone has no inner columns and can be used as a multi purpose hall. In the top outer shell of the sphere a rotating platform of 500 M2 can be built, which will be directed vertically to the sunrays by the use of sensors. In it the TRITON system will be installed providing natural light, hot water and air conditioning for about 40% of the needs of the tower. The TRITON technology is not as yet under production, but by the last stages of the construction it could be available. The middle zone contains two exclusive Bars.

The combined structure of high resistance concrete and steel provides for the optimum stability.

The surrounding area includes an artificial lake, which enhances the aesthetics and provides additional security to the establishment.

The Towers require a minimum plot area of 14.000 m2.