George Christie

Family background

George Christie (full name Georgios T. Christoulas) was born in Greece in a family of charismatic engineers and artists with intensive philosophical and political interests.

His father Thomas was an engineer of the National Technical University of Athens, a painter and a constructor.


He took the first award upon finishing the elementary school.

The University of AthensGreece instituted an advanced learning ExperimentalHigh School accepting by national examinations 30 students per year. George scored among the first three and attended the highest curriculum for 6 years. He graduated and entered the National Technical University of Athens (N.T.U.A.) in the school of Architect – Engineers, with distinctions.

After getting his Masters Degree from N.T.U.A. he continued his studies in England.

The subjects of his expertise include:

  1. Architectural Engineering
  2. Sustainable Architecture
  3. Urban planning
  4. Steel – high technology structures
  5. Tourist large Resorts
  6. Sports installations
  7. Train and Bus Stations
  8. Marinas
  9. Bridges
  10.  Landscaping
  11. Monumental Architecture – Sculpture
  12. Public Aquariums
  13. nterior design
  14. Furniture design

George Christie started his carrier in England and while studying he was designing offices, communal buildings, athletic establishments, special hospital branches and development projects.

Parallel studies and activities

George Christie has studied also Philosophy and Religious-Sociology with hundreds of lectures around the world.

He cooperated with the Dutch government and with Amnesty international for the establishment and protection of the human rights. This collective effort received the highest recognition.

He also studied organic and vocal music and delivered a number of performances in many countries where he is appreciated for his tenor voice.


SELIDES magazine international, edition 2002-2003, in its article  “An innovative Greek Architect” states:

We should emphasize that we are dealing with a rare phenomenon of a man who has studied in depth and excelled in all Fine Arts, (Architect, Sculptor, Musician, Tenor, and Actor) with parallel studies in the field of existential and humanistic philosophy.

THE WORLD OF GLASS magazine international edition 2006,2007,2008,2009 states:

George Christie, one of the most innovative and creative architects, artists and spiritual men of our times.

George Christie as an Architect – Engineer operates under the title of GCE (George Christie Edifices).