• The average floor area is 3600 m2.
  • The total floor area is 673.000 m2
  • And 36.000 m2 below ground.


The reverse conical, sky soaring, prismatic form of the structure, gifts it with a very dynamic aesthetic result and at the same time provides for more floor space on the higher expensive areas. The cone on the first 24 floors ensures a widening of the foundation of the Tower and a cathedral effect in the void that is thus created for the first 150 meters.

 The top sphere of 40 m in diameter encompasses, in its lower half a circular auditorium of 1500 seats. In the middle section two floors of restaurant and bars and in the upper half of the sphere is a multi purpose hall.

 The whole edifice is crowned by a magnificent winged statue of 74 m height. A symbol of inspiration and creativity.

 The Towers require a minimum plot area of 15.000 m2.