CASTOR and POLLUX are two sky risers that aim at becoming a major landmark of the area. Located in two unique see front plots of land, offer a magnificent unobstructed all around view and an air of freedom.
The object of these edifices is to provide their tenants high quality in the standards of living, recreation, working conditions and safety, while trying to attain the best running and maintenance organization. In order to meet this goal the latest technology in desing/construction methods, fittings and materials is been recruited.
The purpose of these tall buildings in the environment that hosts them is multi-dynamic. Their architectural-structural form, in conjunction with the choice and formation of the materials, transmits its own immediate Voice of Art. The philosophy behind the synthesis and construction is the diaphanous dialogue between aesthetic and structural form, ergonomic function and skeletal frame.


 The two towers are identical and are connected on the podium with the adjoining annexes.

    1.      Proposed building PLAN 68 FLOORS

      AREAS PER TOWERM2Ft2Basement floor area (2 underground floors)700075000Typical floor – Total area300032000Typical floor balconies4955300Void – Total area75581005 Void diaphragms gardens total area377540500Total Gross Floor Area (GFA)17000180000

      •             Ground floor 1 floor height             7.60 m             24.94 ft
      •             Podium floors G+3    height            17.40 m           57.09 ft
      •             Tower floors   G+67
      •              Parking spaces.                      560     cars



The elevations, external materials and structural form of the two towers are identical. The Interior Architecture will vary according to the different uses of the areas.
The exterior oval skin in conjunction with the oval structural core of the void provides the bases of the aesthetic appeal and simultaneously the efficient structural behaviour of the towers. Adding to this is the upward tilting cylindrical surface on the long ends of the oval. The geometry culminates in a sphere of 45 meters in diameter.
Τhe sculptural aesthetics of the form springs from the study of the functionality and the bearing structure as the main artistic factor. The form reveals and enhances the structural dynamic both in the exterior and the interior surfaces. The curvatures issue from a consideration of the reaction of the bearing elements to natural forces (gravitational, seismic, wind etc.) and tries to enhance their engenic beauty.
The void in the core provides for a number of advantages.

      1.  Is interrupted by 5 diaphragms which will be used as interior gardens and atriums adding considerably to the life quality of the residents.
      2.  Simultaneously these diaphragms add a considerable positive factor to the structural behaviour of the building.
      3. Vertical penetration of filtered natural day light to all diaphragm ceilings, with the use of state of the art technology of TRITON systems. This solution will offer optimum conditions of illumination to all office or apartment spaces adjacent to the void. The TRITON technology is not as yet available. It is been developed and potentially will be ready for installation by the time the towers are completed.
      4. The void provides for optimum air conditioning solutions and can act as a heat transference plenum.

A unique functional and aesthetic member of the towers is the sphere that crowns them. The diameter of 45 meters creates 4 zones of about 1500 M2 usable space each.
The bottom zone, due to its convex shape, can be used as an amphitheatrically arranged exclusive restaurant, cafeteria, music hall, or auditorium.
Bellow it all the service areas are located.
The top zone has no inner columns and can be used as a multi purpose hall. In the top outer shell of the sphere a rotating platform of 500 M2 can be built, which will be directed vertically to the sunrays by the use of sensors. In it the TRITON system will be installed providing natural light, hot water and air conditioning for about 40% of the needs of the tower. The TRITON technology is not as yet under production, but by the last stages of the construction it could be available.
The middle zone contains two exclusive Bars.

All the required parking spaces will be created in a two floor underground basement. The construction method will be by the use of high strength prestressed reinforced concrete on a unified footing slab, “radie”, of about 2 meters thickness.
The basement can incorporate a third floor, if required, for storage purposes, etc.
In the core of the basement provision can be made for the creation of an all purpose refuge volt.


It is been estimated that the type of construction that is optimum for the proposed towers is a combined steel concrete baring frame which will be panelled in the exterior and divided in the interior with light materials.


The overall interior design will follow a high tech style with a slant of Arabic art, but each separate space will have its own special theme and style.
In the centre of the foyer of the hotel, on the first floor, a unique statue is proposed, which symbolizes the rise of the world civilization from the Greek culture.
Also four floor-to-ceiling aquariums are proposed per tower as divisive elements between the restaurants and the atrium.
The void is divided into 4 separate 7-10 floor atriums with different gardens and decoration. Each such neighborhood can have a special theme name.
It is been proposed that the apartments should also be completed with full decoration details. This will ensure a very high level of quality which will agree and add to the overall prestige and value of the edifices.  It will also attract an analogous clientele.   


Balconies of considerable width (2.30 m) are provided in all the floors. This enhances the quality of life for the hotel rooms and the apartments, for it provides the opportunity for outer living, whenever the whether allows and creates space for an individual small outer garden. Simultaneously it provides the much needed shade in the interior spaces and offers an all day view, since heavy curtains need not be pooled across the facades in order to obstruct the intense sunrays.


Lush gardens and patios are proposed for the open spaces outside the towers.
Their unique sea front location invites for a water theme. In the designs a fountain pool is incorporated which features two spiralling inox divers among electronically controlled water-jets.