It is comprised of approximately:

  •  853 double rooms of 72 m2 each,
  • 244 suites of 115 m2 each,
  • 67 suits of 180 m2 each,
  • 8 presidential suits of 340 m2 each,
  • One king-suit of 1460 m2,
  • 19000 m2 above ground communal and commercial areas.
  • 11500 m2 below the ground areas in 2 storeys.

 The raised central sphere of 40 m in diameter, encompasses, in its lower half a circular restaurant and entertainment area of 1000 seats, with tables arranged amphitheatrically around a central stage of 14 m diameter. In the middle of the stage a glass lift appears, opens like a blossoming flower to let the actors out and disappears.

 In the middle section of the sphere there are two floors of restaurant and bars.

 The upper half of the sphere is a multi purpose hall with a panoramic view from a height of 110 m. The translucent and luminosity properties of the glass roof are electronically adjusted. The floor of this dome is divided into rings the tilt of witch can be hydraulically changed to provide an outwards or in wards inclination according to the function it houses each time.

 At a height of 175 m, there are also two entertainment centers-restaurants of 980 m2 each.

 At ground level the cross section of the building takes the shape of a void pyramid the top of witch reaches 60 m. Inside the void are featured shops, restaurants, cafes, gardens, water exhibits galleries and aquariums. In the very middle there are plans to position a Spanish battle galleon of the 17th century in full armor and sail.

 The surrounding area provides for an artificial lake, water parks, athletic and sports activities, a small marina, with an exclusive sea food restaurant.

 The hotel itself requires an area of 50.000 m2.