WHG has already officially agreed with a number of countries and major capitals around the world in funding and constructing in each one of them a major General Hospital.

The Architectural design presented here is the model that will be applied in all cases both in its philosophy of functionality and technology of construction.

The hospital in this study has a total above ground surface of 111.000 m2 and is comprised of:

  • 670 three bed rooms of 40 m2 each,
  • 121 two bed rooms of 34 m2 each,
  • 121 single bed rooms of 24 m2 each,
  • 18.000 m2 of medical spaces
  • 4500 m2 of communal spaces (amphitheater, lobbies, restaurants, shops, entertainment 
  • 22.000 m2 in two underground floors which include 200 parking spaces for personnel and 400 for visitors.

At the structure’s roof a helicodrome is provided for emergency cases.   

The hospital itself requires a plot area of 35.000 m2.