• Tower 1 has 285.000 m2,
  • Tower 2 has 265.000 m2,
  • Tower 3 has 236.000 m2,

The raised central sphere of 42 m in diameter encompasses, in its lower half a circular auditorium of 1700 seats. In the middle section two floors of restaurant and bars and in the upper half of the sphere is a multi purpose hall.

The combined structure of high resistance polymeric concrete and steel, along with the triangular geometry of the complex provide for the optimum stability and in the case of an airplane crash, makes the penetration of the fuel caring wings impossible and limits the possible damage only to the areas that the body will crash. Simultaneously the tree interconnections of the Towers offer multiple routes of escape. 

The surrounding area provides for an artificial lake, which enhances the aesthetics and provides additional security to the establishment.

The Towers require a minimum plot area of 35.000 m2.