• The 1st underground floor is for bus platforms and has 12.000 m2
  • The 2nd and 3rd basements have 800 parking spaces.
  • The station provides facilities for 40 destinations in a loop system (non reversing flow), 200 parking lots for buses.

The circulation of the buses takes place underground where large atriums provide natural illumination and ventilation. The central hall rises above the park which is planted on top of the basement and is accessed by three entrances arranged symmetrically.

The building in its study and construction of combined steel and polymeric concrete requires the latest in technology. Self cleaning double laminated glazing is fitted in the spherical external glass surfaces while in the complex  places of the inox roof mesh special crystals are fitted which change color and diffusion depending on the angle and the frequency of the light during the day and night. This inspiration of the Architect creates an ever changing rhythmic dance of vitreous illumination that is spell-bounding.