It is comprised of approximately:

  • 867 double rooms of 56 m2 each,
  • 230 double rooms of 67 m2 each,
  • 57 suits of 164 m2 each,
  • 57 suits of 121 m2 each
  • 8 presidential suits of 340 m2 each,
  • One king-suit of 1360 m2,
  • 36000 m2 above ground of communal and commercial areas.

The optimum stability of the spiraling complex is achieved with the use of combined structure of high resistance concrete and steel. The two cylinders that house all the lifts staircases and services are 24 meters in diameter. Around these the bearing, the steel net of columns and beams is spiraling and are interconnected in the 48th floor.

The whole complex can be built within the sea, in an artificial lake, or on dry ground.

The Towers require a minimum plot area of 20.000 m2.